Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania farmers have been encouraged to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical ones so as to maintain the natural fertility of the soil and be able to harvest natural crops.

Effective Macro-organisms have been suggested since it is a simple organic fertilizers which is very easy to produce and is made from natural ingredients that are available in our surroundings. As witnessed by this reporter, the call was made yesterday by Yudhistiranto Sungadi, the Ambassador of Indonesia in Tanzania , when speaking on the development of the agreement signed in 2007 between the Tanzanian Minister for Agriculture , Food Security and Cooperatives and Minister Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia on the Cooperation in the field of agriculture held in Indonesia.

He said with regard to capacity building, Indonesia agreed to provide two experts to carry out training of trainers to Tanzania experts and farmers. “ About three months have passed since the project began in Mkindo area in Morogoro region, and some of the major challenges encountered include lack of new technology among Tanzania farmers on the usage of modern agriculture facilities,” he said.

He mentioned another challenge as the usage of chemical fertilizers among the farmers which he said leads to destructing the natural fertility of the soil.


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