Johnson  Mwambola
Back to 2009, I was transferred from Dar es salaam to Manyara region(Babati) to work as a computer technician for The open University of Tanzania Manyara centre, shortly after beginning life at Babati I started to involve myself into agribusiness by doing direct farming and later on started to trade(buying and selling) of farm commodities, Since then farming and trading of agri-product has come into my mind and become something that I can’t go a day without thinking about it regardless of the difficulties I faced. To me it was like facing new opportunity and then I began to think of how can start to grab that opportunity.

With almost four years of involvement in agriculture and trading of agri product i have faced a lot of challenges while in process. Some of the challenges are lack of rain, ignorance on the use of agrichemicals, conflict between farmers and wafugaji, the issue of lower selling price of their products due to lack of information mostly after harvest and many more challenges I can’t mention all here.These challenges and situation explained above pushes me toward establishment of this blog with the aim of providing education, information and training so as to create awareness among farmers and people involved/interested with agribusiness.

This blog will be the center of information for agribusiness within and outside the country by bringing small and large scale farmers, distributors, private sector, government, NGOs, media house, insurance and agribusiness professionals in one place so as to deliver solution to the asked question from various part of the world.

              Johnson Yessaya Mwambola – Blogger and friends in agribusiness


  1. keep the spirit of kilimo kwanza alive

  2. Safi sanaa..komaa mzee...
    Thug members, pAND E ZA mPWAPWA

  3. asanteni sana wadau wote kwa kunitia moyo, cha msingi ni sapoti yenu tu ili tufanikishe malengo ya shambani solution

  4. Ndugu Johnson - well said. I too am in an IT Career and in the past few years, have developed a liking for agriculture.

    Dar is also my birth place but now I live in Canada.
    Next time I come to Tanzania - I will surely find you. In the mean time keep up the excellent work and Don't give up.

    You are surely on the right track.

  5. Good work brother,keep it up and up

  6. Keep it rolling brotha....

  7. nice work brother....check me