Thursday, May 23, 2013

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According to the World Bank, as much as 40% of youth employment projects have no impact on labor market outcomes for youth. The Youth Employment Network (YEN) wants to help reduce this percentage and see more projects impact youth positively. The reality is that even the best program plans will face challenges in successful implementation as they respond to the realities on the ground. Many organizations have learned valuable lessons both when projects succeed and fail. Sharing these lessons from the field could help other projects to increase their impact. 
This is why YEN has launched a new online competition called Project Impact! to gather these important lessons and share them with our community of practitioners. We are seeking submissions from any youth employment project anywhere in the world. 
The overarching focus of the competition is on rural youth and increasing opportunities in rural areas. Projects must either be based in rural areas or show that the lessons learnt are relevant to rural youth. The projects with the most insightful lessons will receive a cash award and be featured at the 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities in Washington DC. 
Please read the Submission Guidelines before you apply. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the competition. 

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